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The Detailing Guru

Tutorials, tips&tricks and tons of useful know-how to make detailing easier and more efficient. The Detailing guru is a format focused on sharing advice, professional tricks and demonstrating procedures and the correct way and order of doing things. We do not focus on products and speaking strictly about their features and benefits, rather how to get the best of them by doing things correctly. Season 1 features Gyeon Brand Ambassador Yves Heylen, but this is just the start of our project and you can expect guests and co-hosts starting from Season 2! The first season has 11 episodes, one will be shared each week. The first episode is now live on our social media channels (fb/yt/igtv). We encourage you to share it on your local platforms, the episodes can be easily downloaded in HQ from our distributor dropbox. Please keep the original name, titles and do not alter the videos in any way while sharing. Enjoy the show!